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Superkids to Superheroes Initiative

Superkids to Superheroes transforms children with life-threatening illnesses into superheroes, showcasing their innate strength and resilience. Through personalized artwork, we re-imagine these children as powerful superheroes, not just "sick kids." Wearing a superhero cape ignites a feeling of invincibility. While they can't always conquer all challenges with superpowers, their determination and bravery are unquestionable.

We believe that every child with a serious illness possesses a hero's spirit. Our mission is to illuminate this by creating special masterpieces that celebrate their courage and positivity. Parents recognize their children's heroism, and we bring it to light for all to admire.

ImpaktMaker's art drives social change. Each piece sold supports causes that amplify the power of art to uplift those facing tough challenges.

Support our mission and check out our gallery and collections - any masterpiece you purchase will directly benefit projects such as Superkids to Superheroes. 

Featured Superhero & Nationwide Patient Champion

Gianni’s journey at Nationwide Children’s Hospital began in 2017 when he was referred to Gastroenterology (GI) for chronic constipation. After eight months, he was sent to another specialist within GI and was put on the path to a diagnosis. After evaluating Gianni, his physician submitted a therapy referral.

Gianni’s family learned that he had low muscle tone, an abnormal gait and gross motor delay. He began physical therapy and was referred to the Neuromuscular and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic. An electromyography and nerve conduction test showed abnormal results and a genetic blood test was ordered. Gianni was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) two days after his third birthday.

Although he has met all milestones on time, Gianni has always had trouble with stairs. He falls frequently and has a hard time walking long distances. He wears SMO’s (ankle braces) to give him stability and assistance. Gianni continues to receive treatment at Nationwide Children’s and works hard in therapy every week.

Remembering Fallen Heroes Initiative

Remembering Fallen Heroes works to honor and commemorate the selflessness, courage, and bravery of fallen heroes, such as military, police officers, and firefighters. We provide custom digital portraits to the families of these fallen heroes; these pieces are made available at no cost to the families. Our artists create masterpieces that depict the hero with angel wings next to their loved ones. We hope to provide some comfort and healing to the families of fallen heroes and remind them that these heroes are not forgotten.

Featured Fallen Hero

In May 2005, on Mother's Day, Nicholas met a tragic fate in Iraq. This artwork, portraying him as an angel, was presented as a birthday gift to his brother, who held an immeasurable love for him.



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